Saturday, 18 February 2012

Writing Your Own Knitting Patterns

Following the addition of my knitted charms to my cards on my craft stall, I decided to work on a new challenge - writing my own knitting patterns. This is one of the many tasks keeping my crafty brain busy these days.

As well as consulting Julie C., an expert knitter and long time member of my blog community, who I mentioned in my post Snow and the Valentine's Craft Market, I spoke to a couple of other knitters I met at the Arts & Craft Market. All have been very encouraging about my knitted charms. Julie also kindly looked over a draft knitting pattern I created for the Satchel Charm and gave me some good points to consider such as my page layout, information to include and what to leave out.
The changes I made included:
- used a 2 column page layout
- included abbreviations in a text box on the first page
- added information regarding stitches used at the top of the pattern
- copyright information including that items made from the pattern are not to be sold but made for personal use only
- ensured that pattern is no more than 2 pages long

Naturally I’ve done some research on the web and many of the points Julie made were confirmed. I found the following sites provided guidance and useful information for designing and writing your own knitting patterns with tips on publishing. If you design your own knitted garments and want to know where to start with creating your own patterns you will find some information in the following. Let me know what you find useful or not:

1. HJS Studio Tutorial Designing your own knitting patterns

2. Knitting Patterns 101

3. Copyright [a primer for knitters]

4. How to Write a Knitting Pattern

5. Writing knitting patterns: how do you do it?

6. Knitting Patterns for Dummies (previews)

7. Knitting Patterns - the best way to publish your own knitting patterns

8. Knitting Patterns

9. Knitting needle size conversion [PDF]

More Knitting News

I’m working on a knitting experiment. If you check out my Facebook page you can see photos of the experiment in progress. Check out my page if your want to see what I've been making. I'll probably write about it soon in a future blog post. It may become a new addition to my craft stall in April at the Arts & Crafts Market at Hackney City Farm.

All these other projects mean I’ve stalled on my BIG Knitting Project - the Sonic knitted blanket for my grandson. But I did make this cool card for his birthday.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to reading your comments.

See you all soon.
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